Sporty Young Nudists

FAQ about the naturist weekend from 

the 5th to 7th July 2024


"Who are the two organisers?"   

Daniela (also called "Dany" among good friends 😉) and Pascal met at naturist events and organise various international naturist events for young people.


 Hey, I'm Pascal, I live in Switzerland and love to share my nudist passion with like-minded people of the same age. I have already made many long-lasting friends at nudist events. In my free time I like to do sports, hang out in and on the water, enjoy nature and organise nudist events for young people.


Heyho, I'm Dany, I live in the northern part of Germany and have loved naturism since childhood. As part of my voluntary work for an international naturist association, I have been organising naturist youth trips for years. In my free time I like to ride my motorbike, enjoy nature with my camper and do sports.  


"Is Daniela and Pascal's event an official INF or ENY event?"    

No, Daniela and Pascal organise this without an association in the background. The organisation is done privately and allows us to organise a relaxed naturist gathering for young people without having to meet the strict requirements of an association. 


"Why do I have to organise my own accommodation?"    

This is a self-organised and private gathering. As such, everyone must organise their own participation (travel, accommodation, etc.). However, we will offer the first 40 participants cheap accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the naturist beach. Further infromationca be found further down the page.   

In addition, the organisational effort for Daniela and Pascal must be kept within "limits", as they organise this meeting on a voluntary basis in addition to their jobs. 😉

"Is there a fixed programme?"    

No, there is no fixed programme! We decide what we feel like doing depending on the mood of the group. This allows us to be flexible and adapt to the weather.

 "Will the event also take place in bad weather?"    

Yes, we have some ideas for a bad weather programme, such as the new thermal spa in nearby Lindau, which is highly recommended.    



"To whom is the invitation addressed?"   

All sporty naturists aged 18 to 39 are welcome! We see ourselves as a relaxed and open group of like-minded people of all nations, languages, skin colours, religions, political world views and sexual orientations, etc. We are looking forward to meeting you! 

Have we forgotten anyone? 😉


"Why is the invitation aimed at young sporty nudists aged 18 to late 30s?"    

In our experience with various naturist clubs and associations, we know that although there is a wide range of family and children's events, there are no organised events for the 18-39 age group. For this reason, we decided to organise some cool events for like-minded people of the same age.

Since we all like to do sports, we decided to take up this attribute.  

The age limit is there to ensure that every participant feels comfortable and that the age range is not too wide. It should not be understood as discrimination. 


"Do I have to be 18 years old to participate?"    

Our event is aimed at young adults who like to be naked. We are not in a position to take responsibility for minors attending our events, and as such prefer to only open it up to adults.

 "Do I have to be a member of any naturist club or association to participate?"   

No! We just want to meet other people of about the same age who also enjoy naturism. Since this idea is a casual meeting in a public place, everyone between 18 and 39 is welcome - regardless of membership in a nudist club or association. 


"Approximately how many people will attend?"    

As every year, this is difficult to estimate. However, we expect 60-70 participants. We would be grateful if you could let us know by emailing us at young-nudists(at) so that we can plan ahead.

You are also welcome to forward the invitation to the event to other people who might be interested.



 "Where can you stay overnight?"   

There are several campsites, hotels and holiday flats near the naturist beach. Google,, Airbnb and the like will certainly help you to find suitable accommodation. 😉

As last year, we have reserved a few beds in the Junges Hotel in Hard, which is in the immediate vicinity of the naturist beach, until 05.05.2024. If you are interested, please contact us. The beds will be allocated on a "first come, first served" basis.

Food and drinks

"Is it possible to eat at the nudist beach?"   

Yes, the nudist beach has a large nudist restaurant at the entrance that

is open all day. But you can also bring your own drinks and food.


"Can you barbecue at the nudist beach resort?"    

Yes, there are various barbecue areas with barbecue grills and firewood.



 "How much does the weekend cost?"   

Everyone bears the costs for the weekend themselves. As accommodation and meals are organised by the participants themselves, everyone only pays for their own costs.


"Is there an entrance fee for the nudist beach?"    

Yes, it costs 5.30 per person per day.

"Are the parking spaces in front of the naturist beach free of charge?"   

Yes! 😊


"Do we get any discounts for the beach, bath or accommodation?"                   

No, because it is a meeting in a private circle, there are no discounts from any naturist organisations. Everyone bears their own costs for travel, accommodation and meals as well as any activities they partake in (e.g. entrance to a nudist beach, sauna etc.).



"How do I get there?"   

Address: FKK-Strandbad, Im Böschen 43, 6971 Hard in Austria

Hard/Fußach is easily accessible by car and by train (Hard-Fußach railway station in Austria).

 For a journey by plane, we recommend the following airports:               

Altenrhein (CH), Zurich (CH), Friedrichshafen (DE), Memmingen (DE), Munich (DE).


Further questions

"What exactly is the nature of the event?"    

It is a relaxed gathering of like-minded people who just want to enjoy a nice naked weekend without arguing for hours about the differences between nudism and naturism

As with previous events, the focus is on getting to know like-minded nudists and getting together in a relaxed atmosphere.


 "Is the event also suitable for me if I have never done naturism before?"     

 It's great that you are interested in naturism. It's a super nice feeling to feel the elements on your skin and to enjoy this passion with other like-minded people. Whether you start naturism alone or in a group is a matter of taste. If you dare to try it, you are very welcome in our group.


 "Do all participants already know each other from previous events?"   

No, you don't have to fear joining an actual fixed group and being the "newcomer". We are an open and welcoming group and look forward to meeting like-minded people.


"What happens if I start menstruating during the event?"    

It is absolutely natural. Some ladies prefer to wear underwear, others wear tampons. No one will mind or ask you about it. The naturist area in Hard has good sanitary facilities and clean showers. 


"What happens if I get an erection?"    

This is probably the most frequently asked question from guys. An erection is perfectly normal and goes away with time. But honestly guys... an erection actually happens less in naturism than you might imagine, so it's probably more of a "theoretical fear".


If nature does take its course, you can lie down on your stomach or use a towel. 😉





Our accommodation tip:


Due to the high demand in 2023 and our very good experience last year, we have reserved 40 beds at the Junges Hotel Hard again this year. This cool accommodation is located in Hard (Austria), a few hundred metres from the naturist beach, offers plenty of parking spaces and is easy to reach.


Adress of the Junges Hotel Hard:

Allmendstrasse 87, 6971 Hard am Bodensee, Austria

Price for two nights:

115 Euro per person (incl. breakfast)

(Friday, 5th until Sunday, 7th July 2024)

Registration deadline:

5th May 2024


Since you can only book whole rooms at the Junges Hotel in Hard, we have again decided to reserve 40 hotel beds in various two-bed, four-bed and six-bed rooms to provide you with easy-to-book and affordable accommodation.

In order to keep the administrative effort and the personal risk (of our advance bookings) within limits, we have made a mixed calculation (independent of the room size).

According to this, the two nights per person including a rich breakfast cost 115 Euros.

If you are interested in one of the reserved beds, please contact Pascal as soon as possible to find out about the payment modalities.

The beds will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Of course, registration is only binding once the full amount has been transferred by 5.5.2024 at the latest.

Below you will find some answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (Pascal via WhatsApp +41 78 255 89 11 and Daniela via WhatsApp +49 178 695 66 91) or mail (young-nudists(at)

We look forward to hearing from you.

Naked greetings 

Daniela & Pascal

FAQ about the accommodation – Junges Hotel Hard:


"Can I also book a bed directly at the Junges Hotel Hard?"

Of course! However, you can only book whole rooms there. This means that - if there is still a double room available - you will have to pay for the room for two people, even if you are actually only using the room alone. In order to give as many interested people as possible the chance of a good and cheap accommodation even if they are travelling alone, we have made reservations for some rooms in advance, as we did last year.


 "Can I book a bed for just one night?"

The organisational effort for us is generally quite high. In order not to increase the effort even more, we can only offer the two nights as a "package", so to speak. Unfortunately, you can't just book a bed in the Junges Hotel like in a shared room in a youth hostel. For this reason, we could only book whole rooms. 


 "Do I know before booking whether I will get a bed in a two-, four- or six-bed room?"

No, unfortunately for organisational reasons we can only say after the registration deadline. 


 "Is the Junge Hotel Hard a nudist accommodation?"   

😊 No! But it is in close cooperation with the nearby nudist beach resort.

However, nudism should not be a problem in the booked rooms... hahaha


 "Are there separate boys and girls rooms?"

Depending on demand, we try to influence the room allocation - if such requests arise. In general, however, we think it makes sense if the room allocation happens organically among us 😉


 "Is there a list of participants so that I can get to know my roommates in advance?"

Yes, we will create a list of participants a week before the event and after each participant consents to share their info. We will share the info (first name and contact details) with those sharing a room.


"Is there free wifi in the accommodation?"

Yes 😉


"Is there free parking?"

Yes, there are several free parking spaces directly in front of the accommodation. We cannot guarantee their availability, however, as they're not assigned to the rooms.


"Is there a free cancellation option?"

You can make a binding booking for one of the beds reserved by us until 5. May 2024. After that, your booking is binding. There is no possibility of cancellation with refund.