Sporty Young Nudists

FAQ for the naturist holiday week in Croatia from the 2nd to the 10th September 2023


 "Who are the two organisers?"

Daniela (also called "Dany" among good friends 😉) and Pascal met at naturist events and 

organise various international naturist events for young people up to their late 30s.


Hey, I'm Pascal, live in Switzerland and love to share my nudist passion with like-minded people of the same age. I have already made many long-lasting friends at the many nudist events. In my free time I like to do sports, love to be in and on the water, enjoy nature and organise nudist events for young people.



Heyho, I'm Dany, live in NRW / Germany and have loved naturism since childhood. As part of my voluntary work for an international naturist umbrella organisation, I have been organising naturist youth trips for years. In my free time I like to ride my motorbike, enjoy nature with my camper and also do sports.



"Is Daniela and Pascal's event an official INF or ENY event?"

No, Daniela and Pascal organise this without an association in the background. It is organised privately, allowing us to organise a casual nudist gathering for young people without having to meet the strict requirements of an association (such as membership of a local nudist club). 


 "Why do you have to organise your own accommodation?"

It is a self-organised private gathering., so everyone has to make their own arrangements  (travel, accommodation, food etc.). We have already held other successful events with this concept and have received very positive feedback. 

However, the organisational effort for Daniela and Pascal must be kept within limits, as they organise this event on a voluntary basis alongside their jobs! 😉

"Is there a fixed programme?"

No, there is no fixed programme! We decide what we feel like doing depending on the mood of the group, weather, etc. This allows us to be flexible. There is of course no obligation or pressure to take part in group excursions... so everyone is free to enjoy their holiday... and decide what they want to do.



"Where can you stay overnight?"

At the Koversada naturist resort, there are various accommodation options available to suit all tastes and budgets. In addition to beautiful camping plots for tents and caravans, you can also rent bungalows of various sizes and furnishings as well as holiday flats.

Since you make the bookings yourself, everyone can choose their own accommodation. 

Below you will find the direct links to the types of accommodation on the site:

For pitches (tent/caravan):


For bungalows/mobile homes:


For small holiday apartments


For larger flats:




"Is it possible to eat at the naturist park Koversada?"

At the naturist resort there is a supermarket, bars and a few restaurants that should satisfy your hunger... 😊

Some accommodation even has small kitchens. You can find more information on the links to the accommodation. 



"What activities are there?"

The naturist resort offers courts for tennis, mini-football, basketball, football, beach volleyball and a small mini-golf course.

In addition, there is a bicycle, kayak and pedal boat rental service, which also offers stand-up paddles. Boat and jet ski rentals are available in the immediate vicinity. 

There are small hiking trails adjacent to the site, some of which also invite you to go for a hike without any clothes on 😉.


Getting there

"How do I get there?"


By plane:

PULA International Airport is a 45-minute drive from Koversada.

The airport is also served by cheap airlines from the following countries:

- Austria (Vienna), Belgium (Brussels), Bulgaria (Varna), Croatia (6 destinations), Denmark (Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki), France (Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux), Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Munich), Ireland (Dublin), Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam), Norway (Bergen, Oslo, Staranger), Poland (Warsaw, Poznan), Serbia (Belgrade, Bograd), Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich, Basel), Sweden (Gothenburg, Stockholm), England (8 destinations + 2 Scotland)


Further information can be found here:


Travelling via the airport in Trieste (IT) is also a good way to get there.


"Do Dany and Pascal offer a "shuttle service" from the airport?"

No, SORRY... but it's our holiday too 😉


By car:

It's best to use your sat nav to enter the address 😉.

Maistra Camping Koversada Naturist

Koversada 1, Vrsar, 52450 Croatia




"To whom is the invitation addressed?"

All relaxed sporty naturist enthusiasts aged 18 to 39 are welcome!

We see ourselves as a relaxed and liberal group of like-minded people of all nations, languages, skin colours, religions, political world views and sexual orientations, etc. 

Have we forgotten anyone? 😉



"Why is the invitation aimed at young sporty nudists aged 18 to late 30s?"

From our experience at various naturist clubs and associations, we know that there is a wide range of family and children's events, but no organised events for the 20 to late-30s age group. For this reason, we decided to organise cool events for like-minded people of the same age.

Since we all like to do sports, we decided to take up this attribute. We also want to distinguish ourselves from other nudist initiatives that already exist.

The age limit serves to ensure that every participant feels comfortable and that the age range is not too wide. We kindly ask for your understanding that the age limit should in no way be understood as discrimination. 


"Do I necessarily have to be 18 years old to participate?"

Our event is aimed at young adults who like to be naked. In order to avoid the question of any supervision of minors, it is aimed exclusively at adults.


"Can I bring my partner, even if she/he is older than 39?"

Our event is aimed exclusively at the 18 to 39 age group. Of course, there may be exceptions, but we do not want to jeopardise the character of the event in general if exceptions become the rule. This discourages younger participants and runs counter to our intention.


"Do I have to be a member of any naturist club or association to participate?"

No! We are only interested in meeting other people of about the same age who also enjoy naturism. Since this idea is a casual gathering in a public place, anyone between 18 and late 30s is welcome - regardless of membership in a nudist club or association. 


"Approximately how many people will attend?"

As every year, this is difficult to estimate. However, we expect 30-50 participants. If you have any questions about the planned holiday week or would like to let us know about your participation, we would be grateful if you could send us information at:

This information will enable us - if you agree - to share your travel plans with other young nudists from your region, so that the holiday can be planned together in terms of accommodation and travel.

You are also welcome to forward the invitation to the event to like-minded people of the same age.

If your friends have any questions, we are also available via WhatsApp at the following numbers in addition to the email address: Daniela: +49 178 695 66 91 and Pascal: +41 78 255 89 11.


"Who's coming?"

This question is one of our all-time favourites... as we receive it almost every day 😉 .

We will not send out a list of participants until just before the event, as there can be many changes in terms of additions or cancellations between now and the actual event. As we organise the group holiday in our spare time, we cannot update the list daily. For this reason and a healthy understanding of data protection, the final list of participants will only be available shortly before the event. We kindly ask for your understanding!   

If another participant is coming directly from your area, we will of course make you aware of this so that you can exchange information or plan a carpool in advance.


"Are there any sponsorship contributions or subsidies for the event? Are there any discounts?"

No, due to the fact that it is a private meeting, there are no subsidies or discounts from any naturist (umbrella) organisations. Everyone bears their own costs for travel, accommodation and food as well as any activities (e.g. jet ski, canoe hire, etc.).

Further questions

"What exactly is the nature of the event?"

It is a casual gathering of like-minded peers. "Moralisers" who, for example, want to argue for hours about the theoretical differences between the terms nudism and naturism and want to dictate to others what exactly naturism should be in their opinion are definitely out of place here!

As with previous events, the focus is on getting to know like-minded nudists and getting together in a relaxed atmosphere. Extremists of any kind are expressly not welcome! 


"Is the event also suitable for me if I have never done nudism before?"

It's cool that you're interested in nudism. It's a super nice feeling to feel the elements on your skin and enjoy this passion together with other like-minded people. Whether you start nudism alone or in a group or try it out is a matter of taste. If you dare, you are very welcome in our group.

We are happy to accept newcomers and try to answer all your questions... 😉


"Do all participants know each other from previous events?"

No, you don't have to worry about joining a fixed group and being the only "newbie". We are an open and mixed group and are always happy to meet new like-minded people.


"What language/s will be spoken at the meeting?"

The participants at the events come from different countries and bring different language skills with them. English has established itself as the common denominator over the years.


But of course everyone can communicate in their own language. Due to the large number of participants, there are always some who speak their own national language. Conversations between participants from the same country will of course be in their own language. Don't be afraid, we will be able to communicate well despite perhaps not having a perfect command of English... ;-)

Getting to know like-minded people in a relaxed way is the most important thing... and if necessary, this should also be possible with the support of hands and feet in communication...hehe


"Is smoking allowed at the events?"

Our meetings usually take place on naturist sites and. these usually have house rules that regulate smoking. Of course, we also make sure that those who want to smoke can do so..

"What about tattoos, pricings, cock rings?"

We are a very relaxed group and therefore only meet on suitable naturist sites that are not "stuck in time" and have no problem with body adornments or jewellery of any kind. Just feel comfortable... and come as you like it!


"Which intimate hairstyle do most participants have?"

We are always asked whether there is a "majority trend" regarding intimate hair... 😊

Therefore, we also want to answer all future questions in general with this answer 😉.

Some of the participants love the natural look, while others are partially or completely shaved...

Everyone comes to us as they are... which also applies to  body hair or intimate hairstyles. Just feel comfortable... and come the way you like it!