Sporty Young Nudists

Our mission

We connect casual sports-minded young nudists aged 18 to 39 worldwide. We make it possible to meet like-minded people of the same age and to cultivate nudist friendships across national and language borders. 


Who we are

We are a small group of five friends who coordinate nudist events for sporty young nudists aged 18-39. Getting to know like-minded people of similar age is at the forefront of our activities.

To this end, we organise meetings several times a year in different countries. All our meetings have the same self-organised and relaxed character. This means that each participant is responsible for their own travel, accommodation and meals.

We are happy to help co-ordinate carpooling or find suitable people to share a camping plot or a holiday apartment with.

Our participants are all "easy-going" and tolerant. We see ourselves as a relaxed and liberal group of like-minded people of all nations, languages, skin colours, religions, political world views and sexual orientations, etc.

Moralisers who, for example, want to argue for hours about the differences between the terms nudism and naturism or want to dictate to others what exactly naturism should be, will definitely be out of place!

We have no commercial interests whatsever and are committed to the cause on a voluntary basis.

We founded the Sporty Young Nudists Association for the sole purpose of running this website. All events are self-organised and the responsibility of each participant. – Is this necessary if you have the imprint on the page anyway? 

Who are the two main-organisers?

Daniela (also called "Dany" among good friends 😉) and Pascal met at naturist events and organise various international naturist events for young people.


 Hey, I'm Pascal, I live in Switzerland and love to share my nudist passion with like-minded people of the same age. I have already made many long-lasting friends at nudist events. In my free time I like to do sports, hang out in and on the water, enjoy nature and organise nudist events for young people.



Heyho, I'm Dany, I live in the northern part of Germany and have loved naturism since childhood. As part of my voluntary work for an international naturist association, I have been organising naturist youth trips for years. In my free time I like to ride my motorbike, enjoy nature with my camper and do sports.